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We control seats in open and closed enclosures Cercadti allows you to record close contacts between people to facilitate the tracing work in case of a possible positive in COVID-19.


Ideal to control the interpersonal relationships that occur inside a closed enclosure, especially designed for contingency plans of specific events such as fairs, congresses, sports
competitions, assemblies…

Open spaces

Cercadti also responds to relational control, being able to measure the time and space of
interaction between people in open spaces such as sports stadiums, music festivals, or outdoor concerts.

Industry, offices, museums, theaters...

Cercadti allows establishments to have information about the interpersonal relationships that
have been maintained in their premises, guaranteeing the privacy of their clients and can be
used only in case of positive.

We introduce privacy and ease of use into your COVID-19 contingency plan.

Cercadti allows to control the social contact that has been established within an enclosure. A Cercadti device is linked to each person’s ID when accessing the enclosure, recording the times and distances of contact with the other devices, through Bluetooth technology.

This information is stored for 30 days, being available to the health authorities, in case of detection of a positive.​

Bluetooth Technology

The Cercadti device allows you to control the capacity and interactions between people in a
non-intrusive way using bluetooth technology, we do not access data from mobile phones, we
do not use geopositioning, no marketable data is generated.

Only where and when needed

Does not require downloads on mobile devices. Your linking to the user is temporary and only for the time needed to ensure the tracking of contacts.

Easy to use

The simplicity of the device and its use ensures the user’s comfort, safety and peace of mind. At the same time it allows for risk assessment and early identification of positive potentials.

Detecting in time